Roller Garage Doors

Roller Garage Doors

Roller doors combine practicality, good looks and a space-saving format for your garage.


All roller doors are made to measure your particular opening at no extra cost, giving you the maximum drive-through clearance. All our roller doors come with remote control as standard and offer the combination of security and thermal insulation. Although the roller door takes up virtually any space in your garage, it does require sufficient headroom. However, this can usually be overcome by using one of the compact designs.


The key fixtures of the roller door are as follows:


  • Wide range of colours, including woodgrain effect (new)
  • Take up the least space in your garage and allows cars to park close to the curtain
  • Very secure, the Securoglide Excel edition being the only door to be tested and approved to police and insurance standards.


The safety edge provides a minimum risk of damaging vehicles.


Insulation can be important and the foam filled slats, bottom rubber seal and track design ensures that the roller door is one of the most insulated door designs on the market.