At Complete Garage Doors Ltd. we offer a complete range of repairs, from the most basic repair to the most advanced. “If it’s broke, there is a good chance we can fix it.” We can supply and fit all available spares from all the manufacturers. Please see below a small selection of the most common problems. A few things that you can do to aid us so that we can try to bring out the correct parts is to try making a note of the following.


  • The make of the door eg: Henderson, Hormann, Garadoor, Cardale etc. (Normally on the handle or on a sticker on the back of the door.)
  • The size of the door. e.g. 7′ X 7′


  • The mechanism. e.g.: Does it have the spring along the top with cones and cables on the end, or does it have a spring box at the top with two springs in or does it have springs along the sides?


  • If it is an operator repair, try find out the make of operator, normally somewhere on the box.


If you don’t have any of these details available, don’t worry as our callout is free and our fitters will know exactly what the problem is. Please note that none of our fitters will ever do a repair without first informing you of the nature of the repair and the cost.


List of common problems: (Phone for full details):
Cones and Cables (Henderson, Garador, Hormann, Cardale ect.), side springs (Garador Mk4), spring box (Garador Mk3C), locks, track rollers, roller spindles, pulleys and pins, pivot arm pins.


Operators: Marantec Comfort, Chamberlain Liftmaster, Garador Autodor, Merlin Prolift, Wessex Liftboy, Hormann, Dexxo Pro Somfy. key-pads, photocells, battery-back up.